Long-term conditions in children and young people

Themed calls

In February 2014 the NIHR issued a call for evaluative research for long-term conditions in children and young people. The research will aim to provide the evidence base to improve the health outcomes for children and young people that result from long-term conditions. The call is in support of the 2012 annual report of the Chief Medical Officer entitled “Our Children Deserve Better: Prevention Pays”.

This call is a key component of the NIHR response to the need for further research-based evidence for long-term conditions in children and young people up to the age of 25 through:

  •  •  Supporting capacity building across a wide range of disciplines working with children’s health and disabilities

  •  •  Increasing the volume of high-quality research on the efficacy, effectiveness, delivery and organisation of interventions and services for children and young people

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Antimicrobial resistance

Themed calls

The Antimicrobial Resistance Themed Call has been developed to support the NIHR's call for research into the evaluation of public health measures, health care interventions and health services to reduce the development and spread of antimicrobial resistance. This website will enable researchers to find out more about the support and funding provided by the NIHR for this call.

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